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NOMAR is a multi-patented product manufactured in Washington State. We are a family owned business with hometown values. Not only proud of the fact we are 100% US made,  we were founded by a Naval Veteran. 

All NOMAR bumpers are created with a high-density polyethylene closed cell foam.  The core of our bumper systems are 4 ½ inches thick. The nature of this material allows it to wick water and makes it extremely durable, with no absorption of water.

Each one of the foam cores is strategically encased in a PVC lining. This aids in wicking water away from the core. It also prevents build up of mildew forming around the core itself. This process separates us from our competition. The encasement makes it maintenance friendly as well.

The outer sleeve is constructed of a 1/8 in. thick high tensile strength, 100% polyester fabric. The tensile strength of our weave is greater than Kevlar. This makes our system extremely durable and long lasting. The unique fabric is UV protected and handles harsh weather conditions. The fabric cuts down on friction to the hull and leaves NO MAR.

All NOMAR bumpers are hand made and double stitched. We use a 100% polyester thread to match the fabric that is also UV protected, aiding in the longevity of our product.  The seams on our system are triple stitched at the ends, thermal cut and heat sealed to prevent the materials from fraying. This attention to detail is what helps set us apart from the rest.

Call us today to discuss your needs or complete our FREE CUSTOM QUOTE.  Returning customers can reorder products HERE.

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