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For some this could be a personal question. For us it just doesn't matter!

We truly believe here at NOMAR Bumper Systems, that size doesn't matter. This product is meant to handle the weight of large pleasure vessel, right down to small runabouts. The thing about us is that we get to see this product perform every day. We own a Marina, so every summer we watch 60' and better bounce off our system with no issues. We get to see teenage kids bring the parents runabout in to dock for the their very first time. The system is designed to put all boaters at ease when docking a boat. Again, no matter the size. We run the fuel dock and its so nice to not have to deal with fenders all day. People just pull up with no hesitation, no fenders and No Mar. WE can do the same for you with your personal dock or slip, boat house or float.


Check out the photos sent to us by our customers of their Nomar Bumpers in action!

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