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Being a marina owner allows us to see firsthand the struggle boaters have getting on and off a boat. The NOMAR system that we installed on our fuel docks before we purchased the company opened our eyes.


We have all walks of life that visit our little fuel dock and general store on the water here in the great Pacific Northwest. The system took our customers by surprise at first. They would pull up and go through their normal routine; grabbed for their fenders, fumbling to get them in place before getting to the docks. We had to educate them that this was no longer necessary! They just need to glide into place park their vessel and trust that NOMAR was going to handle their boat. At first, it was strange for them. Then the tide changed. We saw how even the large vessel owners gained confidence in the system. We had 60’ plus rolling up with no fenders and docking with ease by the end of the summer.


Our patrons love the fact there was no more fussing with fenders. No more worrying if Sara, on her first docking trip came in a little hot to the dock. We were able to serve our public quicker and safer because they didn’t have all that added stress from fenders and fender placement. They had the piece of mind knowing that our system took care of them and their boat.

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The fact that a good portion of our patrons are older folks coming and going off large vessels. They enjoy their independence out on the water. When they get to the docks, sometimes that independence is taken from them due to the stress of docking the vessel. We saw with our product they don’t have to go through all that. They are confident when approaching the dock and disembark from their vessel with ease. This is solely due to the fact we put them as close to the dock as possible.


We love what we do! Fair Harbor Marina has been life changing for us.

We also believe in our product; NOMAR Bumper System. We get to watch it work every day.

Thank you for your time.

Kelly & Cindy Granger

Nomar Bumper Systems
Granger Marine Products

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